Hello. My name is Brittney. I am a seventeen-year old student attending the Robert J. Lister Academy. When my teacher, Bryan, introduced this Costa Rica class to us I was very excited and wanted to go. Then we got to see how the class would be orientated and it looked very difficult but I still wanted to join the class. Now that I am in the class I am willing to do my hardest with the work we have to accomplish and get my fellow classmates and I to go to Costa Rica. This will be a long and challenging course but I am willing to strive to achieve this goal.

The reasons why this is such a big deal for me is because I've never been out of the United States and I think that it would give me knowledge to other cultures outside of the United States. Another reason this is such a big deal to me is because I get to enjoy the reward of success. I know what kind of hard work it's going to be and when I get on the plane to go to Costa Rica I will have been able to see how much I have accomplished. The last reason why this is such a big deal to me is because I have never had an experience like this where it was with a school that counted as class and I find that to be very appealing on a college or job application that I was able to go out of the country. When I get ready to begin the college application process I want to be seen as someone that is committed to life long learning, exciting experiences and successful future. This is what I think this trip can give me. If you would like to support me, our efforts, or our class, please send a check made payable to the Robert J. Lister Academy/ Costa Rica trip attention Bryan Mascio-35 Sherburne Rd. Portsmouth, N.H. 03801

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Chapter 2 Blog Entry

The topic of this blog entry is about chapter two of the book Walking with Wolf. This is an interesting and informational chapter about what time period they were living in and what kind of things they were going through. I will mention two things in this blog. The first thing I will mention is what interests I had and the second thing I will mention is what topic I am doing my research project on for the week.

On page 11, Kay Chornook stated that "One of the first impressions I had of Wolf was that he was a person of great self-deprecation, despite the fact that he was an educated and well-traveled gentleman, a community leader and a nationally and internationally recognized conservationist." This brought interest to me because just from reading the first few pages of this book I would have never imagined Wolf to be self-deprecated.

On page 15, Wilford Guindon stated that "a big part of my learning was social-meeting gals and guys, living with roommates, learning how to share and get along, how to tease and how to be teased, and maybe when not to tease." I found this interesting because I am working on this same skill.

On page 16, Wolf stated that "In my four years at boarding school, the hiking I did was enough to go to Alabama and back to Ohio. A round trip would be about 2,430 miles." I found interest in this because that is a really long distance and to be hiking that distance is incredible.

On page 19, it was stated that "During Wolf's first year at boarding school several events occurred internationally that had a profound impact on the world: Hitler committed suicide, Mussolini was executed, the United Nations was formed, the United states dropped atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and V-E Day brought the end of World War II." I found this to be interesting because he got to live through this time period. Now days this time period is studied in schools and is a very important part of world history.

For this weeks research project I wanted to research the Service Act of 1940. I wanted to research this because it seemed like a very important thing in this chapter to learn more about. I also wanted to do this as my weekly research project because I love learning about historical information.

In conclusion, I found out some interesting things in this chapter that I am glad to have knowledge on now. I can't wait to continue reading this book. It's such a good read. I also can't wait to do my research project. If this book has such a good beginning to it than it must have a very good ending as well.


  1. This is a great post. I like how you identify the connections to the text and make them personal to you. You seem to have found a good format that allows you to hit each of the points you wanted to talk about. Do you think that your history class this summer has increased your interest in these historical events? I am looking forward to seeing your research this week.

  2. Hi Brittney,

    What an interesting post. I like that you are interested in looking up how the setting, (the author's reference/time frame,) impacts your understanding. When reading I often find myself asking questions of how would I respond if I were in the situation that the author is in. So in the case of Wolf, I might ask myself, "How would it feel to be a teenager and hear that the leader of a country killed himself or was executed?"
    "Would I know how important all those events would end up being?"

    Your journey with Wolf seems to be leading you down an intriguing path that I hope you will enjoy.