Hello. My name is Brittney. I am a seventeen-year old student attending the Robert J. Lister Academy. When my teacher, Bryan, introduced this Costa Rica class to us I was very excited and wanted to go. Then we got to see how the class would be orientated and it looked very difficult but I still wanted to join the class. Now that I am in the class I am willing to do my hardest with the work we have to accomplish and get my fellow classmates and I to go to Costa Rica. This will be a long and challenging course but I am willing to strive to achieve this goal.

The reasons why this is such a big deal for me is because I've never been out of the United States and I think that it would give me knowledge to other cultures outside of the United States. Another reason this is such a big deal to me is because I get to enjoy the reward of success. I know what kind of hard work it's going to be and when I get on the plane to go to Costa Rica I will have been able to see how much I have accomplished. The last reason why this is such a big deal to me is because I have never had an experience like this where it was with a school that counted as class and I find that to be very appealing on a college or job application that I was able to go out of the country. When I get ready to begin the college application process I want to be seen as someone that is committed to life long learning, exciting experiences and successful future. This is what I think this trip can give me. If you would like to support me, our efforts, or our class, please send a check made payable to the Robert J. Lister Academy/ Costa Rica trip attention Bryan Mascio-35 Sherburne Rd. Portsmouth, N.H. 03801

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Chapter 2 Weekly Research Project

In this blog entry I will be discussing the Service Act of 1940. It required me to do a lot of research because I couldn't find the information I needed to find. This was a challeging first research project for me because of the little bit of structure I had for it. In this blog entry I will mention What the Service Act of 1940 was, what effects the Service Act of 1940 had, and how it connects with the book Walking with Wolf.

The Service Act of 1940 was also known as the Burk-Wadsworth Act. This act was passed by the United States of America congress on September 14, 1940. This act required that men between the ages of twenty-one and thrirty-five register with local draft boards. Local draft boards are people that put people in the military. This, however, will be changed in the second World War. The change will be that the ages differ. The new ages for requirement are eighteen through fourty-five.

The service act of 1940 effected many. Some of the effects it had were that it angered the men that were in that age group terribly. It angered some of them terribly because of the simple fact that they were all for peace and totally against the war. Others were frustrated because they felt like they had lost all their freedom. Some people didn't mind this because they wanted to join the military services anyways.

The service act of 1940 relates to the book Walking with Wolf because Wolf and the other Quakers are against this act. They are against this act because they are pacifist. Pacifist means that they believe in peace and are against war. Wolf and the other Quakers went to jail because they refused to sign the act because of their beliefs.

In conclusion, the service act of 1940 played a major role in Wolf's and the Quakers lives because of their decisions and beliefs. This is the main reason I chose to do this as my weekly research project. I chose this because I knew it had to be important to learn more about for the chapter I was reading. I wonder if Wolf and the Quakers made the right decision to not sign the act? I guess that would be an opinioned answer though.

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  1. I know that you did a lot of work understanding the information about this topic - it shows. What I'd really like to know is what you think of this. You share these ideas when we talk, and I'd love for readers to see that thinking.