Hello. My name is Brittney. I am a seventeen-year old student attending the Robert J. Lister Academy. When my teacher, Bryan, introduced this Costa Rica class to us I was very excited and wanted to go. Then we got to see how the class would be orientated and it looked very difficult but I still wanted to join the class. Now that I am in the class I am willing to do my hardest with the work we have to accomplish and get my fellow classmates and I to go to Costa Rica. This will be a long and challenging course but I am willing to strive to achieve this goal.

The reasons why this is such a big deal for me is because I've never been out of the United States and I think that it would give me knowledge to other cultures outside of the United States. Another reason this is such a big deal to me is because I get to enjoy the reward of success. I know what kind of hard work it's going to be and when I get on the plane to go to Costa Rica I will have been able to see how much I have accomplished. The last reason why this is such a big deal to me is because I have never had an experience like this where it was with a school that counted as class and I find that to be very appealing on a college or job application that I was able to go out of the country. When I get ready to begin the college application process I want to be seen as someone that is committed to life long learning, exciting experiences and successful future. This is what I think this trip can give me. If you would like to support me, our efforts, or our class, please send a check made payable to the Robert J. Lister Academy/ Costa Rica trip attention Bryan Mascio-35 Sherburne Rd. Portsmouth, N.H. 03801

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Square Dancing Thank you to Jennifer Feals from the Portsmouth Herald for putting us on the front page of the newspaper and getting the community excited about what we are doing.

What is a sense of community? A sense of community is an emotional attachment you get when you feel important in a group. What do you gain from having a sense of community? If you are someone like me that has never felt like she was part of a community then you gain a lot from it. What have I gained from having a sense of community? Well, I have gained three things from having a sense of community. I have gained the feeling of acceptance and how to accept others for who they are, I have gained happiness, and I have gained the act of how to be respectful.

I recently had the opportunity to interview the principal of Robert J. Lister Academy, Nancy Roy, and asked her What do you think makes this school a community? "I think that strong emphasis on relationship requires an environment that allows students to practice the skills necessary to be a healthy member of a community or relationship". I agree with Nancy because I feel like I am part of this community.

Square dancing is a community event because the same people attend it. In chapter four of the book Walking with Wolf, Wolf and his wife, Lucky, were involved in a community gathering and that's when they shared square dancing with everyone. Soon after, they started a square dancing class at the school they founded, the Monteverde Friends School. Even though square dancing was brought about many years ago, it is still being taught and used in today's world.


  1. Nice job examining and then experiencing what being part of a community is, Brittney.

  2. Brittney,

    I remember learning to square dance as a young girl in school, as part of our P.E. class. Now, even though I do not remember ALL the steps I do remember the part about showing respect to your partner and the other folks in the square by the boys bowing and the girls curtsying. A simple action that shows respect both before the dance began and also after the dance was over. I do not think I fully realized how nice it was to be acknowledged by a peer. I hope during this time you and your fellow students will benefit from the rewards that being in a community offers.