Hello. My name is Brittney. I am a seventeen-year old student attending the Robert J. Lister Academy. When my teacher, Bryan, introduced this Costa Rica class to us I was very excited and wanted to go. Then we got to see how the class would be orientated and it looked very difficult but I still wanted to join the class. Now that I am in the class I am willing to do my hardest with the work we have to accomplish and get my fellow classmates and I to go to Costa Rica. This will be a long and challenging course but I am willing to strive to achieve this goal.

The reasons why this is such a big deal for me is because I've never been out of the United States and I think that it would give me knowledge to other cultures outside of the United States. Another reason this is such a big deal to me is because I get to enjoy the reward of success. I know what kind of hard work it's going to be and when I get on the plane to go to Costa Rica I will have been able to see how much I have accomplished. The last reason why this is such a big deal to me is because I have never had an experience like this where it was with a school that counted as class and I find that to be very appealing on a college or job application that I was able to go out of the country. When I get ready to begin the college application process I want to be seen as someone that is committed to life long learning, exciting experiences and successful future. This is what I think this trip can give me. If you would like to support me, our efforts, or our class, please send a check made payable to the Robert J. Lister Academy/ Costa Rica trip attention Bryan Mascio-35 Sherburne Rd. Portsmouth, N.H. 03801

Friday, September 17, 2010

Chapter 3 Blog Entry

The topic of this blog entry is about chapter 3 of the book Walking with Wolf. This is an interesting and thought provoking chapter because of the way they explained things and because of the connections I could make. In this blog entry I will mention two things. The first thing I will mention is what interests I had while reading this chapter. The second thing I will mention is what topic I am doing for my weekly research project.

On Page 25, it was stated that "the ticos themselves are as warm and welcoming as a cup of freshly brewed coffee." I found this to be an interesting comparison. I thought this was interesting comparison because for some people they would not think freshly brewed coffee was warm and welcoming because they might not like coffee. I also though this was an interesting comparison because of how they compared two totally different things, ones a drink and ones a person.

On page 27, it was stated that "In November of 1950 the Quakers started moving their families to Costa Rica." I found this to be interesting because it is an important date in history and I tend to find history quite interesting.

On page 28, Wolf stated that "It was very telling to see land when it was dry and looked feasible to settle in and then to see it again at the end of an extraordinarily rainy period when it would have been impossible to bring things in even by plane." I found this to be an interesting fact because of how interesting the climate is and how quickly it changes.

On page 32, it was stated that "This led the group to name their new community Monteverde, or green mountain. I found this to be an interesting meaning to a new community. I also found this to be the right name for the new community because they were living on a forestry type of mountain.

On page 33, Wolf stated that "In many places, natural springs would sprout up and create botomless bog holes." I thought this was interesting because of how the earth can do these things without human kinds help or destruction. Mother nature does incredible things to the planet.

On page 33, Wolf stated that "Albert Guindon was born on August 17, his papa's birthday." I found this to be an interesting couinsidence. I also thought this was a date to remember in the book because it sounded like a very important date.

For this weeks weekly project I will be researching ameobic dysentery. I decided on this topic for my weekly research project because I wanted to know more about what this is. I also decided to do this topic for my weekly research project because it sounded interesting.

In conclusion, I found out a lot of interesting things in this chapter. I also found a good topic for my weekly research project. I can't wait to start my weekly research project because I really want to know more about this topic. I love this book. I can't wait to start reading the next chapter.


  1. Brittney,

    The reference from the book that you chose to write about, in comparing the native Ticos to a ".... warm cup of coffee", made me smile. That is because to me a warm cup of coffee is so much more than a simple drink. It is a symbol of comfort and well-being. I associate the comparison to having good feelings. You were so right to pick-up on that difference; the trouble when an author uses a simile, you have to understand THEIR reference and then compare it to your own internal information. This makes me wonder if the author meant to write the book to an audience that would have a similar good feeling about coffee?

  2. I might LOVE Ticos and Tico Coffee.. so I can completely agree with Wolf on that one!
    But moving right on to dynsentry!!! How did that research go for you Brittney? Better to research it than get it, right?! What recommendations did you find to make sure you don't get it? I can remember bringing grapefruit seed extract to purify my water, but the Ticos never used anything, claiming their stomaches weren't as pampered as North American... That would be something interesting to look into: do people build up an immunity to things like amoebic dysentry or bacteria in water, so that they are resistant to it? Or maybe my friends had it and didn't know any different? Or they were just lucky?
    Either way - I never want to experience it! Loved reading your little tidbit facts- thanks.